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Tiffanni Walton - Piano Tuition

Music Instructor in Griffin
1026 Dohles Rocks Road, Griffin QLD
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a year ago
Having been learning with this wonderful teacher for two years, both of my daughters enjoy their lessons all the time. Tiffanni is a very patient, friendly, helpful and effective teacher. She knows how to apply various techniques and strategies to build my daughters' interests in music and piano. She spends extra time after class to design the teaching strategies and lesson content. The kids never get bored during the lesson, and are always expecting for the next meeting with her. They have been making big progress through their learning periods. :) Tiffanni is a very nice and effective teacher that I definitely would like to recommend! 🥇
- Alex L
5 years ago
Tiffanni taught myself as an adult and my two children how to appreciate the piano, relevant theory and of course, how to play. As a teacher, she was exceptionally positive and had infectious energy, which is important for a busy parent as much as for the children. We were at different levels and she was able to cater for us all individually. She used a combination of traditional and creative techniques and activities to keep us all engaged. I would highly recommend her as a piano teacher.
- Carolyn S
2 years ago
Tiffanni has been a fun and supportive buddy as I've dived back into the piano world after a long hiatus. Despite being conducted remotely over Zoom, I felt like she was right there in the room with me during our lessons, guiding me and encouraging me. She was also able to explain complex (to my mind!) theories very clearly and effectively, which helped open up my mind to a whole new world of understanding. As is appropriate when dealing with an adult pupil, she expected me to actively participate in my own learning by not only practising between lessons, but identifying my goals, so she could be as effective as possible in her role as teacher. It's definitely the case that when you choose to take lessons as an adult, you expect more - probably because you are paying for it yourself! I can honestly say the lessons were worth every dollar, and she definitely went above and beyond to ensure I was getting what I wanted out of our lessons. Also, I would argue the opportunity to study,...
- Lily P

About us

Based north of Brisbane, Tiffanni Walton - Piano Tuition offers piano and music lessons to anyone eager to pursue music. 

Does your child show a love or interest in music? 

Have you ever wished you continued with piano lessons as a child but never felt like you could?    

At Tiffanni Walton - Piano Tuition, I believe that music is for EVERYONE, not just the "talented". You are never too young or old to learn and enjoy music. The time is now!

My aim is to offer a safe space for you to learn, grow and hone your craft.

I also aim to offer flexibility, as every students situation is different. 


Give Tiffanni Walton - Piano Tuition a call to discuss your goals and needs; I would love to hear them and assist you on your musical journey. 


How are you different from other piano teachers? In my 13 years of teaching piano I have guided and supported an assortment of students from a myriad of backgrounds, resulting in my possessing an extensive palette of practical knowledge and experience. From the very young to the ‘not so young’; amateur to professional; students with learning difficulties; I engage with the needs and aspirations of each student and together, tailor a plan for their success.  In addition to my teaching experience I can offer an active musical perspective. I have been performing professionally for a very long time and have extensive experience in jazz and cabaret, along with writing music for theatre. I currently tour nationally, and musically direct and perform shows primarily with vocalists (for more information please see link below). I have a Bachelor of Music Performance (with Honours) and a Bachelor of Performing Arts from Monash University. I have also undertaken notable workshops both here and abroad including the Banff International Creative Workshop in Jazz & Creative music. Recently I have also begun to administer my own workshops, sharing my knowledge on arranging and accompanying techniques.   

For more information on Tiffanni's performing experience please visit:

What age should my child start piano lessons? It depends on the individual child and signs of readiness that they possess. I recommend beginning lessons from the age of five onward, as there is a significant leap in cognitive development at this age that will aid in learning and absorbing music at a much faster rate. The language of music uses conceptions based on the alphabet, numbers, and reading left to right and up and down. If your child can already grasp these concepts then learning the theory of music will be much easier. If your child shows eagerness to play and learn music before these concepts have been attained, I am more than happy to teach them to appreciate and absorb music aurally and kinaesthetically, and assist in realising said relevant concepts through play.

Do You Teach Adults? Yes I do!! I love to teach adults! If I had a dollar for every time I have heard… “I wish I’d kept going with my piano lessons when I was a kid” or “I wish I could play piano, but it’s too late for me”. It is never too late to connect with and learn the piano. I have taught many people in their later years and I can affirm - IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! It is also a great activity to keep those synapses alive and firing.

How much are lessons? I offer many different packages to suit the learning tempo and life circumstances of each student. For more information on rate packages see above OR call Tiffanni 0423 029 126 for pricing.

How Can I Pay My Tuition? I offer many options including Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Cash. 

Where are Lessons Held? At my home piano studio in Petrie.

Do I Need A Piano At Home? Yes, I highly recommend having either a digital or acoustic piano at home to practice on and to apply what is taught in lessons. If you do not have one currently, I will be happy to assist you in purchasing the best instrument for your home situation and budget. The quality of the piano can influence your connection with it and the want to play it. Thus it is important, that from the onset, a student experience a good quality instrument to assist them on their musical journey. I like to use the analogy - if you had a leaky boat, would you want to sail in it? 

What Type of Lessons do you Teach? Tiffanni Walton - Piano Tuition offers not only “piano” lessons at all levels but Music Theory, Composition, Arranging, and Accompanist Technique lessons. Music theory and Composition are included in my standard piano lessons - as I believe they are important skills to possess in creating an all-embracing musician - however if you wish to focus on a specific area of music (like arranging), I can also assist. 

What Books or Materials Do I Need? I offer personalised tuition that is tailored to each individual’s needs and aspirations. I do not ascribe to any particular pedagogy (method of teaching), which results in my studio providing most materials for you. The only materials I do request from the student in the beginning is a blank notebook and an A4 plastic pocket folder.  

What can I Expect to Learn in my Lessons?  My individually tailored lessons incorporate components of Suzuki, Kodaly and Dalcroze schools of teaching. Every student has individual needs, goals and abilities, and i believe applying one school of thought to every student is not conducive. As a result of this I formed my own pedagogy that is adaptive, however will always contain the below key musical components. 
  • Technique – posture, scales and exercises
  • Aural Training – being able to decipher and dictate rhythms and melodies by ear
  • Repertoire - learning songs/pieces
  • Music Theory - understanding what is happening in a piece of music and what you are playing (including reading music)
  • Deep Listening - focused attention to what you are hearing and being able to describe it
  • Creativity – composition and improvisation

What Type Of Music Can I Learn? Any type! My fortes are jazz, blues, pop and contemporary, however I teach beginner classical and experiment with other genres. I can also prepare students for piano exams. 

How Much Practice Is Necessary? It depends on age, current commitments, and the goals of the student/parents. There is no one answer or specific duration that guarantees success. What has been proven though is it’s quality over quantity that is important. A practice plan will be discussed in your first lesson based on your aspirations. 

What Lesson Length Do I Need and How often Should I attend Lessons? It depends on age, current commitments, and the goals of the student/parents. Generally I recommend weekly lessons for children/teens and fortnightly for adults. This will be discussed in our first lesson and continually be reassessed along your musical journey, as life situations and motivations can change. 

Do You Offer Group Lessons? Yes I do. Currently I offer sibling group lessons if they are of a similar age. Please contact me to discuss further.  

Tiffanni Walton - Piano Tuition- welcomes and provides a safe space for queer and LGBTQI identified people.  

Tiffanni Walton - Piano Tuition-  respectfully acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands and waters on which we live, work and meet, and pay respect to their Elders past and present in the Moreton Bay Region - the Yuggera, Waka Waka and Gubbi Gubbi people.     

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